• Other Fees


    If the reason you are seeking to engage with our services involves:

    A compensation or insurance claim

    Centrelink applications (eg Disability Support Pension)

    Any matter involving legal proceedings (eg family court or criminal matters)

    The fee structure we use is different to the fees payable for regular therapy and are rarely eligible to be rebated by any funding body.

    You may wish to be aware in legal proceedings, that your file might (and in many cases will) be requested or subpoenaed by your lawyers or the opposing legal team.

    In addition to the session fee, you will be charged at a rate of $28 plus GST for each 6 minute increment of work, for time related to:

    • reading reports/letters/emails; 
    • writing reports/letters/emails;
    • file review and preparation;
    • postage, photocopying, scanning or printing;
    • taking and participating in telephone calls with yourself, or anyone else involved in your claim or legal proceedings;
    • Attending court or case conferences;
    • Travel time.

    Additional Fee Schedule:

    Postage: Cost of postage + 25%

    Photocopying and Printing including of files: As per the Australian Psychological Society recommended rate:
    $147 plus 25 cents per page for files over 50 pages in length