Other Fees


If the reason you are seeking to engage with our services involves:

A compensation claim

Centrelink applications (eg Disability Support Pension)

Any matter involving legal proceedings (including family court or criminal matters)

You need to be aware that your file might (and in many cases will) be requested or subpoenaed by your lawyers or the opposing legal team.

The second thing you need to know is that the fees we charge you will be different to the fees payable under a Medicare Better Access Scheme Mental Health Care Plan or Private Health.

The fee for your session may not be eligible for a Medicare rebate. 

In addition to the session fee, you may be charged for time related to:

  • read reports; 
  • write reports or letters;
  • file review and preparation;
  • postage, photocopying, scanning or printing;
  • answering and reading emails; 
  • taking and participating in telephone calls with yourself, or anyone else involved in your claim or legal proceedings;
  • Attending court or case conferences;
  • Travel time.

These fees will be similar to the fees you pay your lawyers. In general, the additional fees we will charge you are billed in 6 minute blocks for all or part thereof of the block. For example if we participate in a telephone call with yourself or your lawyer and it takes 8 minutes, you will be charged 2 blocks of 6 minutes. 

Additional Fee Schedule:

Reading Reports: $26.70 per 6 minute block

Writing report or letters: Minimum charge 30 minutes – $134.00

File review and preparation (simple): $26.70 per 6 minute block

File review and preparation (complex): $40 per 6 minute block

Postage: Cost of postage + 25%

Photocopying and Printing: As per the Australian Psychological Society recommended rate

Scanning: 50 cents per page

Reading and responding to emails: $26.70 per 6 minute block – minimum charge $26.70.

Telephone calls, video calls or virtual case conference: 1-15 minutes $70, 16-30 minutes $140, 31-45 minutes $200, 46-60 minutes $280.

If you or your legal team have any questions in regard to the above information, please seek clarification BEFORE entering into a therapeutic relationship with us. You will be asked to read and sign that you understand these implications before the initial consultation.