Relationship Counselling

Following successful corporate careers in the UK, Hilda and her husband decided to retire early and move to Australia. Their plan was to play golf, ride and race bicycles and generally enjoy life.

To her dismay, Hilda found that she was suffering with depression and struggled to enjoy her new life.

In 2016, a friend pointed her at The Three Principles of Mental Health. The Three Principles is an understanding of how we all have innate well being and explains how we lose sight of our own inner happiness by the innocent misuse of the power of thought. As she researched the Three Principles, Hilda’s depression evaporated and her outlook on life was transformed.

The positive impact on her life was such that Hilda decided to train as a Three Principles Practitioner and chose George and Linda Pransky as her teachers. Dr George S Pransky PhD is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors. George and Linda, who are both psychologists, were on the verge of divorce when they came across Sydney Banks and The Three Principles….it saved their marriage and helped them to transform countless others. 

Helping you to rekindle and future proof love and enjoyment in your relationship.